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Subject:Re: [Architecture] SAP Adapter Discussion Notes
From:Amila Suriarachchi (
Date:Aug 30, 2011 11:29:45 pm

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 11:34 AM, Hiranya Jayathilaka <>wrote:

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Hi Folks,

Today we had a discussion on the WSO2 SAP adapter. We briefly went through what we already have and discussed some new ideas.

Participants: Sanjiva, Kasun, Hiranya

Points discussed:

1. Current BAPI transport uses a custom XML representation of BAPI. This means the user has to do a lot of XSLT/XPath stuff even to invoke a simple BAPI. 2. Look into using BSF/JavaScript to directly invoke the JCo API from the mediation level. 3. Get rid of the BAPI/IDoc endpoint model which uses an external properties file. Instead, introduce a new endpoint format where all the relevant SAP parameters can be defined within the endpoint itself. 4. Look into developing a tooling layer in CStudio using JCo. This should be able to connect to a SAP system, browse available BAPIs and generate the necessary transformations (XSLT/Smooks) - Also look for any existing Eclipse tools for SAP 5. BAPI listener can be used to replace a legacy SAP system without breaking existing SAP clients - So we need this 6. Move the source to public SVN - Person who builds the source should provide the JCo library - Check whether we can configure Maven to build the component only when the JCo library is present 7. Write some articles around the SAP adapter

Isn't is possible to implement BAPI using a custom deployer like in DataServices.

So that we can use a custom deployment descriptor file (like .dbs) to specify parameters and it is exposed as a proper web service using a WSDL. The other advantage of this is that it can be used in a BPEL process as well.

We have that too.

ok. Then why need to have two implementations? ESB can invoke this either using send mediator or call back mediator.

thanks, Amila.

Thanks, Hiranya

Please add if I've missed anything.