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Subject:Re: [Carbon-dev] How to update claims calling the ClaimManagementService remotely?
From:James McLaughlin (
Date:Aug 30, 2011 5:11:35 pm

Sorry to bump this, but we are really at kind of a stand-still on this issue. Even telling us "sorry, can't be done" would be a great kindness to us.

Thanks, Jim

Hello, We are using the User Management facilities in the ESB (3.0.1) to provide authentication and user administration for a remote client application. Adding and Authenticating users works no problem, and we are able to add claims when we add a User, but we are having some issues managing claims. How do we go about Adding, Updating and Deleting  claims for a particular User after that User has been created? There doesn't seem to be an API supporting these operations in the ClaimManagementService.

Thanks in advance,