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Subject:finding a new name that isn't PhoneGap
From:Brian LeRoux (
Date:Oct 28, 2011 7:35:47 pm

As mentioned by Jukka, the issue tracker is a bad place for discussion so I'm starting this thread to discuss possible name changes.

So, the name Callback comes with problems. Its generic. Its common in JS programming. (Which is why we liked it, btw.)

Things w/ the name "phone" are out. We support tablets and all sorts of weird devices are in the future. Things with the name "gap" are out. There has been legal issues and its not something Apache wants to inherit.

We brainstormed a HUGE list before proposing Callback. Frankly, I still like Callback and haven't been compelled by arguments I've heard so far against it. But lets go for it with some gusto here and then we can whittle that list down (perhaps at the Apache Con?) and put that shortlist to a vote.

For convenience, I've stared a wiki page instead of a long list of replies ... lets use that page to collect ideas and this thread to discuss ones we particularly like, or not.