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Subject:Re: How to set proxy information in httpClient object from browser
From:nitya vyas (
Date:Sep 17, 2007 11:22:10 pm

I got it.. I had to call the bind and connect mathod also from my implementation..

public Socket createSocket(String host, int port) throws IOException, UnknownHostException { Socket s = new Socket(Proxy.NO_PROXY); InetSocketAddress addr = new InetSocketAddress(host, port); s.bind(new InetSocketAddress(0)); s.connect(addr); return s; }

Looks to be wroking fine.. Now it goes to the PlainSocketImpl class rather than SocksSocketImpl.. i hope there wont be any implications of the commons-httpclient.jar change to other things as this method will be called now for every server call..

cheers, Nitya

thanks Roland..

this looks like the solution as i also saw that It was checking proxy == NO_PROXY somewhere and it didnt get it in my implementation so it threw IOException.

I still have a question regarding the implementation of the socketfactory. if i use new Socket( Proxy.NO_PROXY) then i m getting Socket is not connected exception.. can u pls tell me what is the reason? i guess the host and port that we get must be set in the Socket class just like it happens right now by new Socket(host,port) from HTTPConnection class.. but doesnt happen when i do new socket( Proxy.NO_PROXY)...

i called my implementation createSocket() method from the HTTPConnection class..this class is called when i do httpClient.execute(method)...

please help..


On 9/14/07, Roland Weber <> wrote:

nitya vyas wrote:

I found out that the problem lies in only one line ..


if i dont do this, the server will respond. or if i immediately write System.setProperty("","false"); after that line only nothng in between then only it works and server responds..

Implement a ProtocolSocketFactory [1]. Use the Socket(Proxy) constructor [2] with argument Proxy.NO_PROXY [3], then connect. Mark Claassen did that before [4].

hope that helps, Roland

[1] [2]<> [3]